Our Mission

Proactively educate and help businesses, organizations, agencies, schools and the general public by pre-staging drinking water before a disaster strikes.

The Emergency Water Foundation was started because we know that many of our schools, parks and the community at large do not have an adequate and safe amount of water stored on site. 

Most are not prepared for a disaster

Water is more important than food in a disaster.  When a disaster happens the most valuable survival item you need is safe and clean drinking water.  But safe water will also be the most difficult to come by using conventional distribution methods through stores.  Water supplies will either be sold out and difficult to replenish in a timely manner, so you need to plan ahead and have your own supply of water on hand.  The most valuable item that needs to be stored is safe and clean drinking water.

As a non-profit organization our commitment is to help public institutions, business organizations, schools and public offices prepare and comply with regulations pertaining to the pre-staging and management of emergency water supplies as part of their mandated Disaster Awareness Plan.

We feel that it is important to educate and facilitate the checking of already placed inventory and acquisition of nonexistent emergency water reserves.  This will give local authorities the much needed time to get their emergency plans into action once a disaster strikes.

 501 (C) (3)

Public Charity


 Emergency Water Foundation

Our Commitment

Every school, hospital, city, state and federal public building is required to provide emergency services to the staff and public in their purview.  You can help them by inquiring about the state of emergency rations, supplies and most of all pre-staged emergency water.  Our efforts have shown that most stored emergency water is either damaged or expired.  Help us find expired water and help your local schools raise funds to pre-stage long term emergency water.

How can you help?